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Welcome to TAW ArmA!

ArmA 3 European Battalion of

On this website you can find all the information about our Battalion, quality pictures of our operations, our schedule & much more.

We currently have 55+ people playing co-op style operations with live zeusing.
A variety of roles available from Infantry Squads, Reconnisance, Pilots & Ground Crew.

Join Our Ranks Now & We Will See You In The Field!


    Are you interested in joining us? Check Our our Recruitment Section to find out more! 


Our Schedule

Our current schedule is as following

Tuesday and Sunday missions 

19:00 GMT - 21:30 GMT

Optional Events

They are played on Saturday. More information about those on our Discord


Your donations are the lifeblood of the Battalion and keep our servers running.

Why are donations important?

Our donations are what make all of our Operations & Events possible. We need the support of our members to keep our servers running and to improve upon our existing infrastructure.
TAW is a nonprofit organization that makes us completely donation driven.
How much do we ask for? The answer is simple, whatever you can and feel like! We appreciate not everyone is able to donate so any donation, however small it is makes a big difference! 

Server Upkeep for 2019.


Donations are important, but it is equally important that you can see what your donations are used for. The Command staff of 2nd Battalion and all of TAW leadership is constantly looking to improve conditions to provide the most enjoyable game and team play experience.


Battalion Command           

XO - Almerra
SO - Zizoor

Contact Officer

Contact Email -