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TAW ArmA Recruiting Now!

So you are Interested in joining our ranks. Please find the answers to your questions on this page.


Please fill in the basic information below and please inform us what you are looking for and that you can attend our operations. Please see schedule if you are unsure.

You will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of the Recruitment Team. Thank you.

A Warm Welcome from our Command Office

Our Command Office consists of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer & Staff Officer

Hi there, I am CURT the Commanding Officer here in TAW ArmA Europe. I have been a member here within TAW for just over 5 years now and have made some great long lasting mates to chill out with as well as playing
Arma III seriously while still having a good laugh during our weekly Operations. It is a pleasure to lead around 60 members from our EU Battalion from over 15 different countries. I hope to see you join our ranks soon and see if you have what it takes to be a TAW Arma Member.

I'm IceBones and I'm the Executive Officer here. I joined  TAW Arma after a long stint playing DCS a few years back, and have never looked back since. I join in every week for the gameplay, the laughs and the ever-present opportunity to get better. Hope to see you with us soon!

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TAW is a Multi-game community which has over 2000 members. Arma Division has 100 members 60 active players in Europe (2nd Battalion) and 40 in North America (1st Battalion).

We host a range of Public servers currently playing Vanilla Arma. However, in our two Operations we run each week we have our own Custom Modpack which consists of a collection of some of the latest mods available to match our playstyle for ArmA giving us a nice range of assets, equipment and Operations. We also do special Operations such as a recent WW2 Campaign following the storyline of ‘Band of Brothers’..

The Rank system in Arma is extremely large ranging from 5-Star General at the very top of TAW to a whole right down to the Private as a new member into TAW. As you stay with our unit some promotions are given based on your time within TAW. As well as what roles you have. For Example if you step up to the rank of Fire team Leader you are given a promotion up from Private.

All critical decisions or game changing decisions are all done in a democratic way in order to be fair so that no one person can alter it for everyone else. This is done through polls and discussions to gather ideas, opinions and thoughts so everyone can play the game how we want to play.

Like many, our servers require money to run. TAW has a large pot of money to cover every game. However, every Game is responsible for working to get donations. Currently Arma Division has a very healthy amount of money based on some members monthly subscriptions and one-time donations. We are in a lucky situation unlike many due to our broad structure the money is not in the pocket of one person so all our server donations are safe from theft.

The Division is run by ‘4’ main people. The Division Commander (Callsign ‘Lucky’ from USA) and Division Officer (Callsign ‘GanX’ from Germany split EU & NA to allow for a fair and unbiased opinion. Then Each Battalion both Europe and North America have Commanding Officers. In Charge of the overall welfare of all the members within the Battalion. From North America (Callsign ‘Constance’) has been the Commanding Officer for a number of years growing and building North America into the strong and stable unit that it has now at 40 active members. From Europe (Callsign ‘CURT’) leads the European Battalion and molding it into a large efficient and fun Arma Group. Between the 4 of them combined they have nearly 20 years of experience within the TAW Community and along with their support teams past & present they have all allowed TAW Arma Division to be around since 2010 with over 1000 successful Operations played during Battalion Operations or Optional Events over the last 9 years we have been formed. We aim for many more happy years together and hope you will join us in our journey.


Battalion Command           

XO - IceBones
SO - Zizoor

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